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I worked with Dan Connolly for several years while I was at Harvard Education Press. He always came through on time, his prices were reasonable, his work right on target. But when I most appreciated Dan was on those few occasions when I turned to him in desperation at the very last minute to get me an index done on an impossibly tight deadline. He always said yes and he always came through, which made him a minor hero around HEP. He is also extremely personable and fun to work with. I give Dan and his work my highest recommendation.

Dody Riggs

former Production Manager

Harvard Education Press

“I have had great experiences working with Dan Connolly. He is prompt, friendly and meets all the expectations I set out for him. After Dan completed his first index for me he was the first person I contacted when a new project came up. His cross referencing was excellent and the index was very well thought out, thorough and user-friendly. I recommend him and will definitely work with him again!”

Casey A. Gentis

Assistant Editor

Human Kinetics Publishers

"I appreciate not only Dan's professional manner and prompt delivery but also his ability to index very technical works in the field of Bible and theology. I am glad that I can rely on him to supply indexes that are thorough and yet appropriate for the size and scope of each book."

Wells Turner

Senior Editor

Baker Academic and Brazos Press

“I have used Dan's services many times over the years. He has produced dozens of perfect indexes for our scholarly books, mainly in the fields of religious studies, history, and Judaism. Dan is good, reliable, punctual, and flexible, and shows a good understanding of the materials delivered to him. This is always reflected in the excellent quality of his indexes, which offer readers the necessary access to sometimes very difficult texts. I wholeheartedly recommend Dan Connolly.”

Ivo Romein

Editor, Religious Studies

Brill Publishers

“I rely on Dan for great work on a tight deadline. He consistently submits indexes on time and attends to the details of length and reading level required by an education publisher.”

Kellie Hultgren

Production Editor

Lerner Books

"Dan Connolly really knows his ‘military-speak’ – a most valuable attribute when indexing a military history."

William L. McGee


BMC Publications

"The several books Dan Connolly has indexed for me presented the usual problems: long on exceedingly technical topics and short on time. Had he simply jumped these hurdles, I would have been thrilled. But, beyond his exceeding all possible expectations in these areas, when he had questions, he never simply asked me what to do. Rather, he researched the options ("How do you reference Dead Sea Scrolls?"), and came to me to discuss the alternatives and their merits."

Alan Avery-Peck

Chair, Dpt. of Religious Studies

College of the Holy Cross

"Working with Dan Connolly is a pleasure. He's responsive, meets his deadlines, and--most important--produces a good index. He recently indexed a 600-page book about computer consulting businesses for us, and the results were terrific."

Carl Siechert


Siechart & Wood Professional Documentation

"Dan Connolly is a thorough and highly professional indexer whose work for our company has always been of the highest standards. I would recommend him highly to any publisher seeking a thoughtful, responsive freelance indexer."

Webster Bull


Commonwealth Editions

"Dan Connolly is professional, flexible, and does quality work. He has met some very tight deadlines, and always produces a fine index. We look forward to using Word for Word again in the future."

Kent Reel

Developmental Editor

Human Kinetics Publishers

"Word for Word has provided thoughtful, comprehensive indexes for several of our Civil War history titles. Dan Connolly's work has been thorough, efficient, and--in a word--excellent. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of professional, high-quality indexing."

Leigh Ann Berry

Associate Editor

Stackpole Books